Roseto degli Abruzzi, IT
Record Label
901 editions was born from the ashes of Farmacia901, an electronics & sound art label created in 2008 by Fabio Perletta, which has since released more than 30 close-to-silence, immersive and experimental music editions by internationally renowned artists such as Asmus Tietchens, Richard Chartier, Yann Novak, Nicolas Bernier and many more.

The newly established 901 editions picks up where its predecessor left off, with the aim to build up an explorative space where seemingly different music can coexist, in the form of sound documents representing the complexity and contradiction of the contemporary era. Delivering non-trendy editions with a strong inclination towards the notion of “beauty in sudden change” as its constitutive trademark, 901 editions focuses on creating a sonic dimension to deeply explore, meditate and reflect.

901 editions is based between Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy and Tokyo, Japan.

2008 — Present
Artistic Director, Graphic & Web Designer
Komakino ‘Zine Suono e (im)materia / Prescrizioni mediche lette da Fabio Perletta
WitClub Beauty as minimalism
Nicola Catalano | Field: Atom(s) Entropy + Ianurek 5.0 X 100 | Battiti | Radio 3 RAI | 2013 — [ LISTEN ]
Nicola Catalano | Interstitial Spaces | Battiti | Radio 3 RAI | 2014 — [ LISTEN ]

“Ritroviamo la Farmacia 901, splendida label magistralmente diretta dal lavoro di Fabio Perletta con questo CD contenente un unico brano di ventuno celestiali minuti.”

— Ivo D’Antoni | Electronique.it

“Farmacia901, o meglio Fabio Perletta, è come sempre molto attenta all’estetica e naturalmente in tema con la materia musicale in questione, inserisce il CD in una custodia trasparente su un supporto a sua volta trasparente e giocando con dei cerchi concentrici di colore grigio-azzurro crea un oggetto di design. Da ascoltare e da avere.”

— Gianmaria Aprile | Sodapop

“A label created by the musician Fabio Perletta to promote what we can distinctively consider to be the pinnacle of nowadays abstract electronic minimalist music.

Undefined is the new splendid and intensively evocative electronic release published by the Italian based label Farmacia901 (launched a couple of years before by the inter-media artist and sound designer Fabio Perletta). For new listeners let say that Farmacia901 delivers an original catalog of beautifully packaged albums whose musical register reveals a cross between “new simplicity” (minimalist-poststructural tendencies in “process music”), kinetic-cinematic ambient and sound sculptures.”

— Philippe Blanche | Igloo Magazine

“Given that the Italy-based, self-described “media-network” Farmacia901 founds itself, in part, on the principle of the beauty of minimalism, no better product would seem to be more representative of its aesthetic than a collaboration involving microsound artists Richard Chartier and Yann Novak. In fact, everything about the project, from its stark cover design to its choice of non-title, screams minimalism of the most extreme kind.”

— Textura

“For Undefined, it was decided to go with an Italian “media-network” called Farmacia901, a label which concentrates on “minimalism, music as design, and sound as malleable material”, on which Novak has already published Blue.Hour in January of 2013. Undefined is Farmacia901′s only 10th release, and it already managed to snatch some of the scene’s superstars. Well done!”

— Headphone Commute

“Somebody must have done something right! Yann Novak appears on both these new releases from Italy’s answer to 12K and Line, Farmacia901.”

— Frans De Waard | Vital Weekly

“Fabio Perletta, sound artist and founder of the excellent Farmacia901 label.”

— Stephen Fruitman | Igloo Magazine

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