Site-specific intervention
The idea behind Inverso (the Italian word for ‘inverse’) is to delimit an area comprising of three/four trees with the use of an empty blank magnetic tape, in order to configure it as a virgin listening space. Being a closed area, the space remains inaccessible, to highlight the paradox of the physical limit of sound, which is an always-present phenomenon, beyond the physical area (the use of the performance space itself, for example) or linked to a digital/analog format of reproduction which unavoidably imposes a time limit.

The invitation is to dive into – symbolically and physically – the inverse environment of the alleged work, in order to listen to the acoustic properties that relate to our inner dimension. Inverso is the ‘place of everybody’ and belongs to everyone, thus it is a reflection upon the concept of authorship and the contemporary media which borders sound to a beginning and an end.

Sound is already there, it is intended as a flow that turns itself into an inner space. The intention is to cancel the work, and deny it as a plastic form that disrupts the spatial continuity. The work stimulates the onlooker to study the sonic becoming of space, not its static nature, according to sound’s fleeting and ephemeral nature.

Materials empty blank magnetic tape
Dimension variable
Exhibition title Un Museo Senza Pareti
Place No Man’s Land (by Yona Friedman, with JB Decavèle), Contrada Rotacesca, Pescara (IT)
Date March 19, 2017
Curators NOW (New Operation Wave)