Postcards From Italy
[…] A special installation by the AIPS collective will take place at SoundFjord (14 June – 21 July). The show aims to explore the concept of identity linked to that of place by focusing on sound recordings of areas in Italy affected by earthquakes, landslides and man-made environmental disasters, alongside those of the new towns borne in their wake interspersed with music that explores space and meaning in other ways.
Materials Computer, 5.1ch Sound System, Custom Software, Projector, Sound Files
Duration Variable
Dimension [ screen ] Variable
Group Exhibition
Place SoundFjord (London, UK)
Date October 24 – November 9, 2014
Curator Elen Frosi, Gianmarco Del Re

Group Exhibition
Place O’ Art Space (Milan, IT)
Date February 01, 2014
Curator O’ Art Space, Gianmarco Del Re

Custom Software Ennio Mazzon, Franz Rosati
Sound Giulio Aldinucci, Alessio Ballerini, Alberto Boccardi, Barbara De Dominicis, Gianmarco Del Re, Giovanni Lami, Attilio Novellino, Ennio Mazzon, Fabio Perletta, Pietro Riparbelli, Franz Rosati, Matteo Uggeri
Video Gianmarco Del Re – Archive material courtesy of Belice / EpiCentro della memoria viva Rosario Drago