Giustino Di Gregorio + Fabio Perletta
Trapped Light
Trapped Light is a sound and light installation conceived by Giustino Di Gregorio with the sound intervention by Fabio Perletta. Taking its inspiration from a memory of a child who tried to catch a beam of light, it explores the notion of memory and purity. Through the use of fragile micro-sounds and monochromatic light, Trapped Light alters the space-time creating an intimate experience for the audience.
Materials Net, 2ch Sound System, Projector
Duration 5:22 ∞
Dimension [ space ] 5 x 2 x 5 m (W x H x D)
Group Exhibition
Place Palais Abdellia (La Marsa, TN)
Festival E-fest Cultures Numériques
Date 08 – 16 Nov 2013
Artists Mark Fell, Daniel Canogar, Gaëtan Robillart, Candas Sisman, Arthur Zerktouni, Scénocosme, Ali Tnani, Haythem Zakaria, Farah Khelil, Mike Latona & Jozef De Leeuw, H & N, Visualizing Impact.
Curator Afif Riahi

Group Exhibition
Place Giardini Fresia (Cuneo, IT)
Festival Zooart
Date July 18 – 21, 2012
Curator Zooart

Group Exhibition
Place Palazzo De Laurentis (Bellante, IT)
Festival In Visibile
Date January 18 – 21, 2012
Curator Riccardo Lisi

Concept, Trapped Light Giustino Di Gregorio
Sound Design Fabio Perletta